Water Spells
Emotional Ripples: Emotions on the rocks?  Need a little emotional peace?  Try this:

What you need:  Semi Large bowl of water. 

What to do:  Place the bowl of water on the table.  Relax.  Imagine your image in the bowl of water.  Visualize this for a few minutes.  Take your finger and poke it in the waters semi hard, rippling the waters.  Say:

"The waters cleanse and the waters calm
My mind and heart from this emotional storm."

Say this over and over again until the water is totally unrippled while visualizing yourself within the water being happy and emotionally balanced.  Empty the water bowl out.

Droplets of Purity:  Need a quick cleansing?  Well take the perfect opportunity in the shower!

What you need: Shower head with running water. 

What to do:  Get in the shower like you normally would but while in the shower relax.  Visualize the water coming from your shower head glowing brightly, as if the very water droplets were pure light.  See this light wash over and through you and see any negativity washing away and going down the drain.  Keep up the visualization until you see no more negativity being washed down the drain and see your energy glowing brightly, crisp and clean.

Medusa's Reflection:  A spell using the reflective properties of water as a means of protecting yourself.

What you need:  Bowl of water and a quartz crystal. 

What to do:  Place the bowl of water on the table.  Place a cleansed piece of quartz crystal in the water bowl.  Let the water become still.  When it is still look into the water at the crystal and say:

"Evil which hath come to me,
Turn back from thy course,
By the Power of Water and Law of Three
Go back to thy source."

Gaze into the water at the stone and visualize the power of water in the bowl going into the quartz crystal, empowering the crystal with the reflective powers of water.  When all the power in the water is spent and the crystal is sufficiently empowered, take the crystal out and keep it on your person at all times.  Repeat weekly or as you feel it is needed.

The Denegativizer Spell:  Using the cleansing powers of water to purify and bless things.

What you need:  Small bowl of water or asperger. 

What to do:  Dab your fingers in the water and sprinkle the thing to be blessed all the while reciting this chant:

"Blessed Water I call to Thee,
I ask you to bless this (thing) for me.
Remove all negativity,
Purify, I ask of thee!"

Visualize the waters energy purifying and washing away all negativity.  Let it naturally dry.  By the way, you don't need to DUMP the water on it, lightly sprinkling is enough.