Human Discarnates
Human discarnates are usually humans who have recently or somewhat recently passed on.  Below are some examples and explanations of the various situations Human Discarnates may go through:

Denial:  Some human discarnates do not believe they are dead or do not want to face it.  In this case they do not move on.  They spend their time wandering the physical plane in an incorporeal body, watching everyone they know grow up.  Usually these types grow jealous that they cannot partake in life and will then be undesirable to have around.  Then you have the blatently angry ones who do not want to die and grow very hateful and try to wreak havoc in everyones life because they are so jealous and angry that they had to die and they did not want to.

Scared:  There are those who just grow frightened, not understanding or knowing what is happening.  These usually just go around in an emotional mess all the time.  They try to go back to their life and sometimes go crazy because they cannot be a part of it anymore and do not understand why.

Goodbye:  On a lighter note you have the ones who stick around the physical plane for a few days or weeks saying goodbye to family and loved ones.  They know and accept what is happening and then move on.

GuardianSometimes there are those who choose to stay behind and watch over a certain person/people rather then moving on right away.  They stay behind to watch over, guide and help the person through their life.  They can move on anytime.

Get Me The Heck Outta Here:  Last but not least you get the Discarnates who immediately move on, not wanting to stick around the physical very long at all.